Thursday, 15 December 2011

The Gallery Liverpool

Header for the exhibition on the website.
For a recent project we were designing promotional banners and posters for an exhibition about 2000 years of shoes. One major thing about designing promotional pieces is that they must have a common consistency. So as a blog activity we were asked to look at gallery promotional prices for an on-going exhibition. So i looked at the Liverpool Art Gallery, the exhibition is entitled  Unauthorised Realities

This is the web page for the exhibition itself

The consistencies on the web pages are the use of the artist’s work Naive John which also carries on to his page on the Gallery web site. Other consistencies include the same clear font throughout as well as a continuing colour scheme. 
With the promotional poster that artists work is still used as well as a similar if not the same clear font.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

its christmas!

So it’s the 8th of December time to make some charismas card I think. Only one problem is my printer has run out of colour. So what Christmas card design can I do that’s cute and in black and white. My first though was a penguin but that’s a bit boring without the yellow tummy. So the only other white thing that was cute and fluffy was a polar bear. So happy Christmas people and here is this year’s Christmas card.

Monday, 5 December 2011

the dm

Short for the Dr Martens.

Whilst doing my shoe research for the last couple of projects which were, well bases on shoes. I did a bit of research on the DM seeing as I own a pair. The first website I looked at was the DM website which has a very informative page about their history and how they were invented which is quite an interesting tail. It also includes this video.
I also looked at how they were made and the different components which make them so darn comfy (after the 2 month wearing in period which can involve some pain).
 I also looked a book published about DM's by Dr Martens (there all about advertising and promotion) which talks a lot about the DM's role in culture which was quite interesting.  ) Heres a link to buy it on Amazon )
Dr Martens (Dr Martens)
Dr Martens are currently running a 'First and forever' campaign where you can talk about you first ever DM's which I must admit I think is a bit weird but here’s a video from their website promoting the campaign.