Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sam Green

Whilst looking at my book shelf i decided to look up one of the illustrators that designed some great  covers for one of my favorite books. So I typed the name that was on the back of the book into google. Found his home page and wow. I was amazed at the variety of his work. He uses traditional materials to produce a unique style. Here a small video from his blog.http  ://
And here's some of his work.
Medium - Pencil and ink on paper

Album cover / Concept work for Breakbeat Chaos label

Saturday, 18 February 2012

project: cd cases

My latest project is to design a CD case for the song This Tornado Loves you by Neko Case
And so i have occasionally been trawling thought the Internet to see if anything interesting popped up. And whilst I didn't find much there were a couple of interesting things.
This CD packaging whilst quite pink has a theme about is and I like the way it has two sections to case. 
This one is made from recycled cardboard and is quite compact

I also had a quick look at album art and and i think this is one of my favourites for knights of cydonia by muse.
I think it fits the song beautifully.


After two weeks of typography this amused me

Sunday, 12 February 2012

the weekend

These are two interesting designs I saw this weekend whilst i was out with my parents. The first is thought provoking and the second it...well scary.

A poster for Cancer Research