Monday, 5 December 2011

the dm

Short for the Dr Martens.

Whilst doing my shoe research for the last couple of projects which were, well bases on shoes. I did a bit of research on the DM seeing as I own a pair. The first website I looked at was the DM website which has a very informative page about their history and how they were invented which is quite an interesting tail. It also includes this video.
I also looked at how they were made and the different components which make them so darn comfy (after the 2 month wearing in period which can involve some pain).
 I also looked a book published about DM's by Dr Martens (there all about advertising and promotion) which talks a lot about the DM's role in culture which was quite interesting.  ) Heres a link to buy it on Amazon )
Dr Martens (Dr Martens)
Dr Martens are currently running a 'First and forever' campaign where you can talk about you first ever DM's which I must admit I think is a bit weird but here’s a video from their website promoting the campaign.

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