Saturday, 23 March 2013



By Chris Doyle & Jefton Sungkar  An Ingenious design for a recruiter as the design description highlights

What’s the first thing you do when a recruiter calls? You pretend you’re not talking to a recruiter.

We’re all familiar with that awkward moment, when a recruiter calls and you need to pretend you are talking to your mother. So when Chantal Manning-Knight approached Interbrand to look at rebranding, we thought why not reposition her business in a way that not only presents her skills, experience and passion for people, but also addresses the need for absolute secrecy and discretion.

Addressing the standard hurdles of changing jobs – secret meetings, awkward phone calls and absolute discretion – we avoided all reference to recruitment whatsoever. Instead we created
Cloak & Dagger: online emporium of coats and knives (and jobs).

Here's a link to the Cloak & Dagger website, definitely something Worth a look

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